Playing with fire

There are plans for a new 30 megawatt power station in the Latrobe Valley, to be fuelled by wood.

International banking group Babcock and Brown and Californian-based National Power Australasia Incorporated are proposing the project which would need 280,000 tonnes of wood per year. They are offering 25 year contracts to suppliers.

Their spokesman is claiming it will be 100% eco-friendly – using only waste wood – just like woodchips.

After some investigation, this mob are the very same NSW company that calls itself the Clean Green Power Company. Who remembers the ex-head of the Forest Products Association in NSW, Col knuckles Dorber? He has very substantial interests in this company and has been pushing these forest burning projects for some time. There are three mirror image power stations proposed in NSW, to the extent that the media lines are word for word.

If they pursue this one, theyll be the target of the biggest boycott campaign this state has seen. The public love their forests and the public can choose which power company to buy from. The Keen Mean Forest Burning Company will be playing with fire like they never expected.

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