Petition – Immediate halt to planned burns – review fire management policies.

Planned burns can be extremely dangerous and difficult to control. Despite trained personnel, investigations and recommendations for improved fire management over the years, fire, weather and poor judgment still causes major disasters.

The IGEM report released in May acknowledged the ineffectiveness of large scale burns to protect communities. It recommended alternative risk reduction measures believed to be far more effective.

EEG has created an online petition to ask the Premier and Ministers Neville (Environment) and Garret (Emergency Services) to halt more planned burns while a thorough review of the effectiveness of burns is looked into. Please – if you feel as strongly about this as thousands do at the moment – sign and share this online Care2 petition.

We’d love thousands of signatures!
Given the horrendous impacts of the escaped burns of 3rd and 6th of October, in a relatively green landscape, we ask Premier Andrews, Ministers Neville and Garrett to:
Immediately halt all further planned burns while a review of their safety and effectiveness is carried out
adopt recommendations of the IGEM report to better protect communities, assets and the environment
• quickly put in place recommended risk-based management
assess the cost/benefits of planned burns
• implement and resource enhanced detection and rapid supression measures
• assist communities to better prepare their private land in case of fire
• carry out the Bushfire Royal Commission recommendations 57 and 58: provide information on expenditure, impacts on biodiversity and upgrade long term data collection program.

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