What is it with ex-ACF Presidents? Toyne, Caswell and Garrett all appear to have mutinied and joined the pirates of plunder. Some think this could be a sign of infiltration and eventual clean-up, but the plunderers are not that stupid to let serious tree-huggers into their ranks, nor are these ex-conservationists silly enough to think they can change the Forces Of Darkness (FODs).

In early June, Peter Garrett suddenly joined the union, signed up as an ALP member and was hastily pre-selected to run in the Sydney seat of Kingsford Smith.

By doing this Garrett has very effectively taken precious votes away from the Greens and handed them to the ALP, a Party that has lost its environmental credibility. The Greens will be running a candidate against him in that seat but there will be a number of swinging disillusioned voters who could return to Labor.

Wearing the ALP hat, Peter Garrett has done a turn around on many environment issues. He would like to see a pulp mill in Tasmania, and justifies continued logging on the grounds of jobs. Strange. In the past he always had alternatives for these things. No doubt, the ALP would not have put him in charge of such a seat if they thought he would rock the policy boat and argue for more progressive ideas within the ALP.

Senator Brown appraised Peter Garrett as an “honourable man that has made a monumental mistake”

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