Don Burke supports what many see as the biggest drought inducing, climate changing, extinction enhancing, environmental brutes in Australia. And just as Gunns has done to Tassie, Burke has done to his own credibility – viciously trashed it.

More than a gardener, Don Burke is chairman of the Australian Environment Foundation, a lookalike false green group that’s really an industry front. It was set up by the right-wing think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs. This sham enviro-group supports GE, logging, nuclear power and is full of climate change deniers.

Burke was enlisted by Gunns to sing its praises. Very curious as their plans for a pulpmill is turning more sour by the day. They can’t borrow and can’t find a partner in crime. To add to their woes, Gunns recently-purchased a Jarrah sawmill at Yarloop in WA which will shut down in December ’08 because it’s uneconomic.

Maybe Burke should stick to his own backyard.

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