Newman Govt – opens up Qld to logging!

industrial rainforest species

Queensland was the only state that managed to do away with their clearfelling of native forests as a result of the RFA. It also has no woodchip industry, but Campbell Newman now wants both by the looks.

The Queensland govt gave the go ahead in February to log almost 2 million hectares of forest and woodlands previously excluded from logging!

It has even pushed through plans to do away with the Code for logging on public lands (“operational efficiencies”!). The SE Qld forests as well as cypress and western hardwood areas are all open to the logging industry now! See the Leaked Document (PDF)

As Greens Senator Larissa waters said “Nowhere is safe from the Newman Government’s program of environmental destruction”. Let’s hope they are not just testing the waters for the other conservative states. Read her press release here

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