National Parks – Next on their list

Did you know – National Parks are set to be developed, mined, logged, grazed and shot in – the works!

And did you know – for a politician:
• A personal phone call is worth 100 emails
• A personal face to face visit is worth 100 calls

So one face to face meeting means you represent 1000 emailers!

We need you urgently – to help fight off major land pillagers before 17th June. It’s painless to call and express how important this issue is – to insist the message is passed on or to even go and tell them in person.

Help stymie the thrust of the rapacious National Parks ravagers from turning our parks into playgrounds for shooters, and profit boosters for the big end of town. Parks are sacred!

Federal Labor can stop this vandalism.

The pressure from us needs to be greater than the pressure they’re getting from these lobby groups.
Please – a phone call to your local Federal Labor MP. Find out who that might be here: or phone 132 326. To find your rep go here:

Then to contact the office of your Senator

A receptionist or staff will answer. Please leave a strong message (but polite) or better still ask to see them before the 17th. Take along a few friends or family members.

Keep it simple and honest. You don’t need to be an expert. You do need to be clear, genuine and passionate. It’s not important to have all the answers. It is important to ask the questions. Get personal and tell your Labor MP or Senator about how much you love our National Parks.

The ask is:
Government must amend our national environment law, the Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) so that:

• National Parks are brought under the protection of the Act. In technical terms, this means inserting a “National Park trigger” so that any proposal for development or destructive activities in a national park “triggers” protection by the Federal Environment Minister.

• Approval powers under the Act will always remain with the Federal Government and can never be handed over to State Governments.

Without this second point, the first could be overturned by a future government.

Please don’t leave this one to someone else to act on. Get some practice in. Your MP is only there because of their voters. You have power!

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