Napthine shovels threatened wildlife into extinction pit

A suppressed state govt report is telling us that our wildlife is fast being tipped into the pit of extinction – knowingly!

The Leadbeater's possum is Victoria's faunal emblem

Entire wildlife species are still being sacrificed for the greed of corporates. In this instance the logging mafia demands access to hundreds of thousands of ha of public native forests to shred for woodchips! (and the Liberal party doesn’t mind the odd political donation).

Both the Long-footed Potoroo and the Leadbeaters Possum are mentioned. The secret report says that existing reserves are pathetically inadequate and more forest needs to be protected from logging.

Govt says the report will be released sometime in the near future – and we suspect it will be after they have gone through and totally sanitised it.

See the Age article from 16th August 2013.

After ABC’s PM program ran a story on the plight of the Leadbeaters Possum’s on 14th Aug, the government refused an invitation to respond, instead referring the journalist to the logging lobby group, VAFI!

So Napthine is now putting the logging industry up to publicly speak about the management of threatened species that they are wiping out – can this lot get any more crazy?



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