Mainland Quokka Colony to Face Extinction

QuokkaWA’s endangered Quokka is as precarious as our own Long-footed Potoroo.

‘Find and destroy’ is also the WA govt’s plan. These friendly little characters are known to survive on Rottnest and Bald Islands off the coast of WA (both cat and fox free), but there are also a number of small populations on the mainland hanging on by a thread.

One that was identified by government surveys in 2005/6 is in the Arcadia State Forest near Bunbury. It was put on the government’s logging list and clearfelling began last year!

This small endangered mammal has now been subjected to 30 tonne bulldozers and when the habitat is well and truly crushed the government forest ‘managers’ will incinerate it to ensure total annihilation (sound familiar?).

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The Quokka also has a Quokka Rescue facebook page –

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