Loss-making Maryvale Pulpmill to close

Australian paper millAustralian Paper mill at Maryvale in the Latrobe Valley could close if it can’t find a way to make a profit. Australia’s biggest forest-devouring pulp and paper mill has been losing money for years.

The Japanese owners have said:

Japanese paper manufacturer Nippon Paper Industries (NPI), shares the long term vision of continuing to manufacture paper in Australia but needs to see financial improvement.

Nippon has just decided to close its Shoalhaven mill in NSW and is now considering closing its loss-making Maryvale mill by the looks. The mill is struggling with the sky-rocketing gas prices (their main energy source) as well as with competition from increasing imports of overseas paper.  VicForests couldn’t possibly sell our forests any cheaper (you’d hope!) so the mill’s days could be numbered.

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