Loggers for forests

In October last year, a group of timber workers started a lobby group called Loggers for Forests. The group wants to stop woodchipping in old growth forests and to use trees taken from forests more efficiently.

Mick Harris is a timber contractor from Fernbank in East Gippsland and he says most loggers think woodchipping is wrong.

The spokesperson for the logging and woodchipping industry attacked Mick Harris as being non-existent despite Mick’s grandfather and father having also worked in the local industry. Scott Gentle from the pro-logging lobby group Timber Communities Australia admitted that although TCA was a front group for loggers, he irritably told the ABC radio “the greens .use dirty tactics a lot more than we do.”

Mick Harris has spoken with us, but is not the sort of person who would let anyone tell him what to do or think.

ABC Radio 16.10.06 / Jill

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