How many logs left in the Wombat?

Over a three year period, the estimates volume of logs dropped by 98%! Have the department’s claims been miscalculations or gross fraud?

The calculations for the Wombat forest was given the highest score of any forest area. They got a 4 out of 5. Considering it’s the tiniest forest area (36,000 compared with 1 million ha in East Gippsland), had more time spent on it and has now only 2,000 ha of loggable forest left, you’d think they should be able to come to within cooee of what they call sustainable yield.

In 2001, the estimated yield was 50,000m3 of sawlogs a year. When the State Forest Resource Inventory was carried out using all the latest hi-tech methods, the estimated yield was dropped to 8,600 m3 of sawlogs pa. But that’s wasn’t the end of it ­ now the estimates have been dropped even further ­ to a minuscule 1,800m3 a year. So from 50,000m3 two years ago, the reality is that only 1,800m3 is left to take each year.

Where does this leave other forest areas?

So that little goof-up has shifted the 12,000m3 sawlog licence promised to the Wombat Forest mill, to the Central Highlands. The extra transport of logs all the way to the other side of Melbourne is being paid for by you and me.

The woodchip licence for Midways is now being honoured from guess where ­ that’s right ­ Gippsland!

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