Harvey Norman’s Naturally Australian floorboards hard on wildlife

If you buy furniture or flooring from Harvey Norman stores, you could well be aiding the destruction of native forests, wildlife and the NSW koala populations.Hardwood - hard on forests

Markets for Change followed the supply line of timber and found the flooring they sell comes from prime forest habitat of coastal NSW koala populations that are on the brink.Chair in coupe

Don’t be conned by their claims of native eucalypt timbers being ‘sustainably mananged’ and ‘renewable’.

EEG emailed Gerry Harvey and suggested they seriously look at taking the lead in eco-friendly furniture and flooring.

Gerry Harvey himself, called Jill within hours, upset that we would be telling our 800 supporters that he sells forest destruction.

He refused to budge on using timbers that came from destroyed wildlife habitat, saying that if he didn’t use it, someone else would.

Doesn’t that sound like the argument we hear from drug traffickers?

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