Harvey Norman: Breaking the chain!

Harvey Norman’s chain of forest destruction broken by activists across Australia. Four arrests, four massive actions. Check out this amazing new film from The Last Stand.


On Wednesday 24 August, almost 50 activists took action at four sites across Australia to protest Harvey Norman’s sale of wood products sourced from native forest destruction. Four activists were arrested.

In central Sydney, two climbers were arrested after abseiling from the roof of the Homemakers Supa Centa in Moore Park, unfurling a massive 8 x 10 metre banner stating ‘No Harvey No! Break the chain of forest destruction’. The Last Stand’s ‘Forest Investigative Unit’ entered the Moore Park store to identify and label native forest furniture.

At Dixie Cummings’ furniture distribution warehouse in western Sydney, two forest activists blockaded the facility for over six hours by locking themselves to gates. ‘No Harvey No’ was painted in giant letters on shipping containers located onsite.

Two activists were arrested at Auswest Timbers in Bairnsdale, Victoria, after nine hours of being locked on to the facility gates. On the forest floor, in an East Gippsland logging coupe that was formerly home to the endangered long-footed potoroo, activists unfurled a banner in the midst of forest devastation.

Take action today! Jump onto the Harvey Norman facebook page and tell them what you think about profiting from forest destruction! Contact us at action@nullthelaststand.org.au if you’d like to help with the campaign.

Check out thelaststand.org.au for more info

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