Good news on biomass – Wood-fired power plan rejected

Stanwell Corporation is re-designing its proposed cogeneration plant at the Maryborough Sugar Mill, after the Queensland Government rejected its original plans to use native forest waste. It said “any project that depends on the use of native forest hardwood residues as supplementary fuel cannot be supported, even as an interim measure.” The Government suggested the company look at using cane trash or other options.

TXU steers away from wood waste

The TXU power company, which donated part of its land in Bairnsdale to a consortium of logging mills has stated it has no intention of burning wood waste as part of its renewable energy production. A previous Potoroo article which identified the suspicious nature of this generous land offer caused them a little discomfort. Their Environment Report says:

TXU does not support the use of native forest waste as a fuel and renewable energy purchased from biomass projects will only be approved where the project provides for greenhouse effective use of a genuine waste stream.

One of their reps told me that the economics, let alone the public outrage, would not make wood burning viable. TXU is currently working out a firm policy position on biomass and they will let us know when they have formulated a definite stand.

Thanks to all the members who roused them over this. It made a difference and was certainly talked about in the boardroom.

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