Good news! – Boral woodchips bite the dust!

Boral, the logging and woodchipping baddy of Northern NSW has just announced it will be stopping woodchipping at the end of June, selling up its woodchipping business and exit sections of its sawn timber business.

Boral bites the dust


The reason it gave was because of “…the strength of the Australian dollar and associated high volume of imports, combined with low levels of demand and high manufacturing costs, are all creating very challenging conditions…”.

What they didn’t say was that they also failed to obtain FSC eco-certification, which would have given them an advantage for some markets and customers.

This has to send a message to our very own Nippon which logs and woodchips Victorian and SE NSW forests. If Boral can’t get FSC, then Nippon hasn’t a snowballs hope in hell. Forestry Tasmania might as well give up now too!

The green tick label for their products was finally rejected thanks to some determined work and evidence gathering by campaigners and environment groups.

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