Garrett digs to greater depths

Peter Garrett toonIf anyone had a flicker of optimism left that Peter Garrett might start to show some tiny verdant streak – even under his armpit or hidden deep behind his kidneys – sometime soon – then anticipate no more. We’re all wasting our hopefulness.

He’s approved the Gunns pulpmill and now the dredging of the beautiful Port Phillip Bay and even the massive fire-breaks through some of the most lush forests in Gippsland. He’s justified them all with the classic language of developers.

He didn’t say they would protect the underwater world of corals and sea grass, fish and dolphins in Port Phillip Bay. No. He said he would protect the port’s “$68 billion dollars worth of annual trade”. Is this a Minister for the Environment that favours a Ports ever growing profits above the ecology of a very special bay?

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