Evolutionary shrines soak up carbon

Giant tree East GippslandOld growth forests store massive amounts of carbon but have been accused of just ‘stagnating’ and not actively absorbing any. Quite the opposite is true.

Old-growth forests continue to remove far more carbon than previously thought, making their protection a high priority in tackling global warming.

A new study found that a 400-year-old forest in southern China is soaking up carbon from the atmosphere faster than expected, most of which is being stored for the long term in the top levels of the soil. This seems very logical.

Recent studies have also shown that selective logging of ancient forests releases extremely large amounts of carbon and forever damages carbon removal mechanisms. This casts doubt on compromises that depend on ‘environmentally sensitive’ logging of forests for certification of the timber.

Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet www.climateark.org/ – Climate Ark Portal


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