Errinundra National Park logged!

In 2003 it was the Snowy River National Park. Now in 2005 it’s the Errinundra National Park that has been illegally logged.

Lazy or incompetent Government foresters have this time marked a logging coupe boundary inside the National Park. Large old trees were felled and the surrounding understorey bulldozed. All up the area destroyed was about 400 square metres. If this had been a private land-owner destroying valuable old growth they would be fined heavily and forced to rehabilitate many times that area.

Not only does this show a shocking disregard for our National Parks it also shows the lack of caution and incompetence used by DSE . The Errinundra National Park Management Plan states that adjoining land must be sensitively managed in sympathy with the Park’s values. How? By bulldozing the adjoining forest up to the dotted line and burning it.

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