EEG helps take Australia’s environmental vandalism to international forum

Eight environment groups are turning to an international umpire to help combat the Abbott Government’s plan to dismantle environmental protection laws.

The international Convention of Biological Diversity has been given a report detailing the Abbott government’s plans to hand down environment protection powers to the states and why this will worsen environmental losses.

The next meeting is in mid June and our groups will send two delegates to Montreal to lobby at the meeting.
Environment East Gippsland along with the ACF, Lawyers for Forests, Environment Justice Australia and others are asking for an investigation into Australia’s non compliance with its obligations at international law.

Mt Jersey coupe giant stumpAustralia is experiencing the fastest rate of mammalian decline in the world which is getting worse every year. Australia has also been a signatory to the Convention since 1992 and yet every government has failed to meet its international conservation commitments.

EEG has been forced to take legal action against the state government three times since 2009 and these actions have shown the state is unable and unwilling to protect our environment and wildlife. The Abbott government can’t simply hand responsibility to the states. The situation is desperate and we hope that shining an international spotlight on Australia might help. Sacrificing species in order to aid development, mining and logging interests is the tactic of poor debt ridden developing countries, not a wealthy, educated nation.

Click on the link for the petition that is being delivered and the accompanying One Stop Chop report.

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