Dam good decision

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) and the National Party has criticised the Bracks Government for plans to ban new dams on 18 Victorian rivers. Under the plan, the Snowy, Mitchell, Genoa, Aberfeldy, Thomson, Bemm and Upper Buchan rivers could not be dammed. The VFF said it was wasting water that would just go out to sea. They see our rivers as just bothersome big drainage ditches.

Interesting to note that the Nats in Queensland are opposed to the two controversial dams the Beattie Government is planning to build. Why? It doesn’t benefit farmers, only Brisbane. Yet in Victoria, the Nats are all for dams, because farmers want them.

East Gippy drinking water gets filthier

Contracts have been let and construction set to begin on water treatment plants that will give five small towns in East Gippsland clean water. The Authority is investing $7.7 M in water quality improvements for Bemm River, Buchan, Cann River, Swifts Creek and Nowa Nowa.

The common theme with all these towns is that they have serious logging activity in their water catchments. Yet another cost to us compliments of the logging industry.

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