CSIRO scientists gagged by greenhouse mafia

So why does the government not go in all guns blazing on climate change like it did in Iraq for regime change? The evidence is clear on the dangers of climate change – unlike the hunch about mythical weapons of mass destruction.

We don’t have to look very far to find the answers. It was recently claimed on the Four Corners program that not only does the fossil fuel lobby have unprecedented access to government departments, but the Greenhouse Mafia even help write cabinet and government policy papers. Senior CSIRO scientists claim that their work is censored and they are prevented from speaking about carbon emissions targets.

In a growing pattern of censorship, the Howard government cut an important 13 page conclusion from a significant report it had commissioned on climate change. This was to leave out politically sensitive recommendations before it was made public. The 159-page report entitled Climate Change: Risk and Vulnerability was missing a key element entitled “Response options to climate change”.

This listed key recommendations for adapting to climate change. After censoring scientific recommendations on what needs to be done, Federal Environment Minister, Ian Campbell, launched the report by saying it was important to “plan for unavoidable effects of climate change”.


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