Burning Forests for Global Energy?

The 19th October is the International Day of Action on Bioenergy.

Many countries are burning forests, their own and other countries, as a source of power generation and industrial heat – claimed to be ‘renewable’. Australia is following closely.
As the European Union’s renewable energy policies have been one of the most forceful drivers of the growing use of bioenergy, the EU is in a process of revising its policies. This year the eyes of the world will be on EU leaders.
This is a very good one minute video on the issue worth watching and sharing.

The European Commission is currently drafting a new sustainability policy for bioenergy – expected in early December 2016. It must be watertight.
It’s not only important for the EU but it also sets an example to the rest of the world on how to move forward with bioenergy. The EU has already shown global leadership in  limiting the use of food based biofuels in transport and now needs to do the same for the rest of the bioenergy. More info here

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