Bob Brown goes to the High Court

Bob Brown has personally poured humungus amounts of his money into legally challenging Forestry Tasmania’s plan to clearfell the Wielangta (pron. why-lang-ta) forests in Tassie, with its many endangered species. The initial judge ruled in his favour to halt logging. Forestry Tasmania then appealed.

On November 30th, the Federal Court of Appeal agreed that logging was exempt from section 38 of the federal environment law (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act). But it also found that logging had a significant and unacceptable impact on endangered species. The law is meant to protect endangered species, but it has a giant loophole to allow them to be wiped out. Forestry Tasmania can legally exterminate them – with tax-payer funded police back-up if needed. The outcome from this case has implications for all of Australia’s threatened species.

Bob’s personal appeal to the new Prime Minister Rudd and Enviro Minister Garrett to plug this loophole didn’t work. They are happy to upholding the annihilation agenda of the Howard government. Bob Brown will now appeal to the High Court.

Jill/Greens media

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