Bastion Point plans abandoned

Mallacoota’s proposed breakwater/boat ramp has been in dispute for several years. The East Gippsland Shire has been the proponent for this very contentious monstrosity. The Bastion Point Inquiry was suddenly adjourned by the Shire, claiming it was landed with new information by the DSE. DSE hasn’t been terribly happy about the whole show right from the start and in fact the Shire planners knew this all along. But it was an easy way to step back from an increasingly embarrassing situation.

That was on the 5th of October. So the longer we hear nothing, the more it seems the Shire realised what a silly, damaging and costly exercise the whole thing was. This is one horrendous development that they weren’t finding so easy to push through. This is the 3rd or 4th time this proposal has tried to get up over the last 17 years. Three cheers to the local community who mounted such a good campaign.

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