Approval of deadly 1080 poison dumped from the air

Deadly 1080 poison was broadcast across forested land in Gippsland and NE Victoria during May in an attempt to placate certain sheep farmers. How’s this for contradictory spin. “The sites were chosen for their inaccessibility and remoteness, proximity to private land … and the absence of spot tailed quolls”. Close to farms but inaccessible? Absence of quolls they claim, because they had apparently put cameras out to check. Not too remote to set up infrared cameras but too remote to use the technique of hand burying poison baits.
Napthine has promised $1.84 million to carry out 1080 poison aerial drops over the next four years. Read about the environmental impacts here and the EEG submission from an earlier government review (2011) here The arguments are just as relevant but the urgency is greater.

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