Ada River Win

Several months ago certain logging interests applied to clearfell part of a Special Protection Zone (conservation area) near the Ada River, to make logging an adjoining coupe more viable.

This also happened a few years ago in the Hensleigh Creek area. That time the zone was moved secretly and against the agreed protocol for changing Special Protection Zones. But they were found out! Bad DSE. Bad foresters.

This time the DSE adopted a consultative approach, put an ad in the local paper and made the loggers wait while the proper process was carried out.

Submissions were made objecting to the DSE swapping the SPZ around for expedience of logging. If they continued shifting SPZs around the landscape at the whim and convenience of loggers, they’d be pretty useless conservation reserves.

In late May, a decision was made on SPZ 838-04 – not to change the zone. The zone will thus remain where it is.

We hope all SPZs will be much safer now. And thanks to all those who wrote an objection. Sometimes it works.

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