ABBOTT to BURN forests to keep us safe

National Bushfire Mitigation ProgramThe Abbott government has given $15 million to AID THE BURNING OF FORESTS. Tasmanian Liberal Senator Richard Colbeck (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture) has set up a ‘National Bushfire Mitigation Program’ supposedly for more deliberate burning of the forest understorey and midstorey. It will kill off huge areas of ground level wildlife and their habitat.

Another concerning element in this plan could justify ‘thinning’ the forests in protected areas such as National Parks and logging contractors would be paid to do it – in aid of supposed fire safety.

The Australia Forest Products Association is actively lobbying for this form of whacky bushfire mitigation via removal of trees. They also believe the ‘waste’ could then be used for electricity generation in furnaces (how convenient). Energy retailers that go near this form of power generation, should know they will be the target of a major boycott campaign.

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