Abbott Government’s attack on the environment

Ashton coal mine Hunter Valley AustraliaUPDATE: 19th September 2015 Malcolm Turnbull has postponed the planned changes to the law that would exclude most enviro groups from challenging bad government development decisions.

The Abbott Government’s attack on the environment knows no bounds and is reaching a peak that has even the most conservative minds staggering with disbelief! His coal-obsession has become a very obvious mental disorder.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has accused Queensland environmentalists of using the courts to “sabotage” mining projects and plans to alter the federal law to stop anyone not directly affected from challenging the project. This is like preventing anyone from reporting a crime if they are not directly affected.

PM Abbott must also believe that EEG ‘sabotages’ plans to destroy protected rare wildlife, protected rainforests, and ‘sabotages’ government and VicForests plans to breach their own laws that they operate under; a terrible state of affairs.

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