VicForests logs Powerful Owl habitat for …. firewood?

Powerful Owl (Image Duncan Fraser)

You’ve got to be joking, right? VicForests are spruiking the importance of  firewood as a sustainable product from Parlour’s Creek coupe. Is firewood really such an important part of their business model?

Which kind of means that they’re logging Powerful Owl and Greater Glider habitat for firewood!

Minister d’Ambrosio – can you and your Department of Environment honestly endorse this action? After years of telling us how important it is to have sawlogs for the booming native hardwood industry (NOT!), VicForests have trotted out a contractor to tell us he’s logging some of the richest forest left on the Strathbogie Ranges for firewood, FIREWOOD?! In fact, the contractor boasts that the logging of this forest is financing the expansion of his firewood business and funding the construction of a big, new firewood shed! Really?

It’s fascinating that VicForests have bothered with a media release focusing on firewood. Why would you even mention firewood, just about the lowest quality forest product available, when you’re main argument has always been that this logging is sawlog-driven? Could it be that the purported market for sawlogs is just a teensy weensy bit overstated?

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