Premature deaths from govt planned burns

One single logged area of forest (30-40ha) generates a massive amount of C02 pollution and releases hundreds of years of stored carbon into the atmosphere.

Planned burning has been wrongly painted as our savior,  but whether the smoke that  envelopes towns and cities is caused from broadscale landscape burns supposedly for fire prevention or from post-logging burns, the impact on our health is the same – deadly! 

DELWP, Fire Forest Management Vic (FFMV) and VicForests are now using government planned burns as a smoke screen for the massive pollution events caused by VicForests’ industrial logging burns.

Yes – there could well be more hidden deaths from the smoke pollution from the government planned burns that generated massive pollution events every autumn, than have died in bushfires.
Mounting research (more here and here and here) is showing the death of vulnerable people escalates during these times of high air pollution and there is a noticeable spike in out-of-hospital heart attacks. The EPA has hidden or ‘lost’ air quality testing results or simply refuses to test the air in many areas. Over autumn this year (2018), most of the smoke was not from planned burns as government agencies claimed but from industrial pollution. The industry being VicForests logging and their intense incineration of forests that they had  previous clearfelled over the past 6-8 months.

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