Native forest logging industry – Australia’s biggest welfare cheat

Every state in Australia that logs native forests subsidises the industry by millions a year to keep it running. It’s an insane welfare mentality for an unnecessary industry that provides minimal jobs for maximum environmental destruction. Yet governments have defended and keep handing millions to keep it operating, regardless of who’s in power.

A recent article in the Tasmanian Times (12/12/16) shows that Forestry Tasmania (FT) sells logs for half the price it costs them to haul them out – yet they get the trees for free and still operates at a loss.

FT wants to sell its plantations to pay its customers compo for not being able to provide the logs it promised them due to overcutting and plundering.

FT also wants to use Community Service Obligation money to pay for maintenance on reserves.

FT wants to completely exit from the export industry, which is an interesting twist given the export of chipped forests has been its main market for decades.

It appears that Forestry Tasmania is hoping private operators will take over the logging and roading at their own expense.

Meanwhile in WA, a November 2016 report from the Australia Institute shows that to keep 330 people employed in that state, the government has subsidised the logging of Jarrah and Karri forests by $34 million since 2013. Those forests are considered one of the world’s biodiversity hot spots, yet are being destroyed for minor products that can be easily replaced by plantation wood.

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