Forest Ecology Camp – 2019

Botanical nerd’s DIY delight – 2019

This Easter there will be an informal DIY nerd’s botanical ecology camp as we’re not holding the traditional Forests Forever Easter Camp. This low key affair will be with the lovable East Gippsland forest expert, David Cameron.

Goongerah Camp Ground  ~  April 19th – 22nd.
BYO all food and treats, spare fuel, bushwalking gear, camping gear, warm bedding, etc (please no dogs or bongos).

BYO food and fix your own meals. You can even organise your own walks and drives if you’d like but David will be happy to lead walks and impart his boundless knowledge.

Time management will be your own responsibility. There will be no time-tyrant (Jill) on duty this year so getting back to camp before midnight will be a collective responsibility if going out with David. 🙂

Plant nerds will especially love the walks and presentations. There will be casual time with David Cameron to talk about anything from epicormic shoots of eucalyptus pauciflora to bureaucratic botanical history to home grown philosophy. 

Campers atop Woolly Butt Hill overlooking the Brodribb Wilderness with David Cameron as narrator.

EEG has decided that with two new legal cases looming this year our capacity would be best used to focus on preparing these cases.  

Registrations are not necessary  but those who’ll be touring with the East Gippy Guru, David Cameron are asked to donate to East Gippsland’s Forest Fund (tax-deductible) that will help us with our upcoming work.

There might be an organic farm tour, Brown Mountain old growth walk, forest campaign update and organic produce for sale. This camp will have no program as such so will be very organic. But one thing is for sure – you’ll be mixing with fellow forest devotees, experiencing some beautiful forests and learning a lot of new info about East Gippsland’s forests.

If you have any questions, please email

10 Replies to “Forest Ecology Camp – 2019”

  1. My husband and I would like to come to this. Is it possible to come in a motor home?


    1. Hi,
      as the campground is very small, we prefer people camping with their cars and motorhomes (not too large we hope) park in the adjoining farm paddock (and for fire safety, no campfires).


      1. We’re planning to come sometime on Friday in our motor home, which is of the smaller 2 person type. We’re happy to park in the adjoining farm paddock. Do you know if David Cameron is doing walks on Friday, and if so, do you know what approximate time he would start. We would try to time our arrival so that we could join the walk if it’s happening.
        Cheers, Arja


        1. Hi Arja,
          David will be taking a walk on Saturday 10am-ish. He’s driving up Friday so only a farm tour Friday afternoon.


  2. Patrick and Lisa definitely thinking of attending
    thank you.


  3. Hi, three of us will be coming to the camp (Gemma, Leila, Cicily) & looking forward to it!

    Just wondering whether there will be access to drinking water?



    1. Hi Gemma,

      the camp is on the Brodribb River and is where all of Goongerah’s water comes from. It could be wise to boil the water first if you have any concerns though.


  4. Hi there,

    I’m interested in coming from Melbourne from Friday – Sunday – but do not know of anyone else going.

    I would have all of the normal amount of gear – tents and water containers and bag.

    Is there anyone who might be willing to carpool for that timeframe and from Melbourne – or en route?


    1. Hi Tim,
      unsure, but possibly you could leave a message on the EEG Facebook events ad asking if anyone could share a lift and you could share fuel costs. Also most people leave Monday as Sunday is a main activity day.
      Good luck.


    2. Here’s the link to the event on FB…


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