VicForests agree not to log isolated Greater Glider population

State logging company VicForests has agreed not to clearfell 10ha of mature forest in East Gippsland after community surveys identified an isolated population of the rare Greater Glider in forest where logging had started.

“This is great news, but was only acted on after we were forced to engage lawyers. Our lawyers, Environmental Justice Australia, detailed what we believe are VicForests’ obligation to protect this isolated population of a species in decline” said Jill Redwood of EEG. 

“This 30ha stand of forest about 30km NW of Cann River in the Cobon forest (coupe 885-511-0018) was surveyed by VicForests but this important population was missed. Again, volunteer citizen scientists had to do the work to find and report on sensitive wildlife in our forests”.

“Shockingly, Minister Neville’s Environment Department refused to take any action following these reports, despite the isolation of this Greater Glider population and that this animal is now being assessed for Federal protection as a threatened species, mostly due to logging”.

“Volunteer environmental surveyors will continue to double check VicForests’ logging and community groups like us will engage lawyers where the Government refuses to protect wildlife from logging. So far rare species and rainforest destruction have been frequently documented and actioned”.

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