Brown Mountain Potoroo Proves Jennings Wrong

Immediate protection for Brown Mountain’s forests, under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act has been triggered by an endangered species. The very same day that Environment Minister Gavin Jennings declared there were no Potoroos at Brown Mountain (Friday 21st August), the image of a Long-footed Potoroo was captured on infra-red movement sensing cameras (pictures available).

“Last week the Brumby government refused to abide by its own law to protect high population densities of Greater Gliders found at Brown Mountain. We’re asking that this time Mr. Brumby and Jennings protect this rare mammal rather than protect VicForests’ logging interests”.

“Not only have we again positively shown that this rare and secretive mini-kangaroo exists in the old growth forest, but we have also shown the government’s lack of honesty in protecting endangered wildlife”, said Jill Redwood from Environment East Gippsland.

“Endangered species were always there; what was missing were decent surveys”, said Jill Redwood. “Why have laws to protect endangered species if the government chooses not to look for them? It shouldn’t be left to the public to do this expensive work.”

“If these ancient forests are protected, it’s not just the Potoroo, but also the Powerful and Sooty Owls, the Gliders and Possums, Bandicoots, Quoll, Black Cockatoos and other rare animals that will survive on Brown Mountain.

“Our legal injunction is still going ahead as John Brumby can’t be trusted to abide by his own government’s laws for environmental protection.”

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