VicForests facing legal action again

St Patricks River catchment old growthThe state government owned logging company VicForests, is in the legal crosshairs of environmentalists yet again.  Lawyers acting on behalf of Environment East Gippsland have this week formally requested an explanation as to why a rich habitat site suited for rare forest-dependant wildlife was not surveyed before logging commenced last week.

“We believe this is a strong case of non-compliance with the law”, ...

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VicForests stops logging after legal action


Just one day after lawyers presented a ‘please explain’ letter to the CEO of VicForests, logging has been stopped and machinery will be pulled out of a high habitat value stand of forest where tree felling had commenced, north east of Orbost. 

“We believe the logging that took place was unlawful but appreciate VicForests now suspending operations” said Jill Redwood. “Although VicForests deny there were any breaches of the law, they have decided not to continue logging here in order ...

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Govt report – burning for fire safety is a flop


Safer not to burn at all – govt report

Although the IGEM report into the 5% burn target, released in April, didn’t say burning was pointless, its evidence is clear. The $30 million annual bill to carry out burns achieved a 13/48 score for effectiveness in keeping communities safe.

“The report also recommended moving from the purely hectare-based fire management to a risk-based strategy, which scored a more effective 40/48” said Jill Redwood from Environment East Gippsland. “East Gippsland’s fire experience ...

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Endangered owls have legal win

The day after the national Threatened Species Summit ends, a Supreme Court case brought by Environment East Gippsland has reached an out of court settlement The case challenged logging in threatened owl habitat by the state government’s Environment Department and VicForests, which have now agreed to set aside over 2,000 ha.

This 10 month case sought to enforce the state government’s obligations to protect 3 threatened owl species – the Sooty, Masked and Powerful Owls.  EEG argued that the government had ...

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VicForests must go

Tax-payer sponsored environmental demolition must end and VicForests must be relegated to history, is the message Environment East Gippsland is sending to the Victorian Government after the exposé that $5.5 million “Community Service Obligation” is funding public forest destruction annually in the region.

“Environment groups are feeling vindicated across the state after decades of highlighting this fact and denial by VicForests”, said Jill Redwood of EEG. “We have to thank the whistle-blower within VicForests for helping uncover the scandal”.

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RETs and Gippsland forests

The Abbott governments plan to define the burning of native forest logs in electricity generators as a ‘renewable energy’ under the planned RET scheme is under sustained attack from environment groups.

“The ALP leader, Bill Shorten is also refusing to make a clear commitment that would ensure native forests will not be power station fodder for years to come”, said Jill Redwood from EEG.

“A clear definition is needed in any RET legislation to ensure no native forest material will be used ...

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Thinning trials could create a ring of bonfires around towns

The $1.5 million grant to trail logging as a means of bushfire mitigation by the Abbott Government is a suspicious attempt to dress up fire control as another logging industry subsidy, says a regional conservation group.

Environment East Gippsland says that the Australian Forests Products Association has been lobbying for this for a long time.

“AFPA has claimed in its past submissions to government that national parks should also be ...

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Eco-timber certification label loses eco-credibility

An East Gippsland sawmill is in the process of applying for the very same timber certification label that has been condemned by environment groups across the country this week, after the logging of WA’s 600 year old Karri forests was given a ‘green tick’.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global timber certifying body which outsources the inspection of forest logging operations. The auditors measure a number of criteria to ensure the wood is obtained in a socially and environmentally ...

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VicForests – a decade of debt and destruction

VicForests turns 10 today. In that time it has received $25million in grants and subsidies to help it haul $300million worth of free logs from public forest which it still owes Victorians $74million in unpaid dividends for. This debt to the public could build 10 new schools, pay for 96 additional teachers or deploy five additional Erickson Skycranes each summer.

VicForests a decade of debt and destruction

“Today VicForests celebrates its ...

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Environment Groups petition international body

As CSIRO announced that Australia is experiencing the fastest rate of mammalian decline in the world, eight environment groups have turned to an international umpire to help combat the Commonwealth Government’s attack on biodiversity laws.

Environment East Gippsland along with the ACF, Lawyers for Forests and Environment Justice Australia is petitioning the Convention on Biodiversity to investigate Australia’s non? compliance with its obligations at international law.

The Convention has been given a report detailing the Abbott government’s plans to hand down environment ...

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