Mill increases native reliance

Environmental organisation, Friends of the Earth has raised concerns regarding the logging and sale of plantation land in the Fernbank region. The bluegum plantations were established between 2005 and 2009 by Macquarie Bank in conjunction with Midway Plantations. The plantations were planted largely to meet the demands of a new Bleached Pulp Facility at Maryvale. During the process to get the facility approved, it was claimed that it would be sourcing its fibre needs from 20,000 hectares of new hardwood plantations that ...

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NSW native forests worth more if left standing: Australia Institute report

Loading a logging truck in a south-east NSW logging coupe.An economic analysis by The Australia Institute claims that native forest logging in NSW lost $79 million over the last seven years, but could be making a $40 million yearly profit if left standing and allowed access to the Federal Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

The Nature Conservation Council (NCC) and the National Parks Association ...

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Time to cut losses not native trees, as deficit climbs, Australia Institute says

Logging of native forests has cost NSW taxpayers $78 million over the past six years for a declining industry that is also a primary risk for the state’s rising number of threatened species, according to a report by The Australia Institute.

The losses have been clocked up by the hardwood unit of the Forestry Corporation of NSW in the six years to the 2014-15 financial year. About 95 per cent of the division’s revenue comes from logging in native forests rather ...

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Forestry industry behind 76pc woodchip export jump, ‘not Tasmanian Government’, Greens say

Tasmania’s forestry industry, and not the State Government, can claim credit for a significant jump in woodchip exports over the past 12 months, the Opposition and the Greens have said.

The industry is emerging from years of turmoil and decline, with new operators like Forico taking over woodchip mills closed when timber giant Gunns collapsed.

Forico is a subsidiary of investment management company New Forests.

Tasmanian woodchip exports have ...

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Port of Portland now biggest exporter of blue gum hardwood chips in the world

“We’re the single biggest port for hardwood chips being exported, in the world,” says Port of Portland chief executive Jim Cooper.

It is a claim that can only be fully appreciated when standing atop one of the 40-metre mountains of blue gum woodchips that are waiting to be shipped from the port on Victoria’s south west coast.

For many Australians, the blue gum is a species of disappointment, from the individual farmer caught up in one of the infamous failed investment schemes ...

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Global wood chip trade dominated by Japanese and Chinese carriers

According to a new report from Wood Resource Quarterly

Overseas shipments account for about 70% of global wood chip trade, with pulp mills in Japan and China being the major destinations, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ). This trade is handled by specialty made wood chip carriers predominantly built in Japan and China. Many of the older and smaller vessels are likely to be scrapped in the next few years, and with new and larger ...

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Woodchip licences end in East Gippsland

In April last year NIPPON announced it would not renew the woodchip licences after December 2014. VicForests has not been able to find another customer for its booty.

Nippon owns the chipmill and export facilities at Eden in NSW where millions of tonnes of EG forests have been shredded and shipped for over 40 years. This has been at great cost to tax payers through direct subsidies the ...

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Gas rise to hurt mill

Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill could be hit with an extra $30 million in annual operational costs if projected gas price increases eventuate over the next three years.

In a desperate lobbying push pleading for state and federal governments to adopt a “common sense approach” to gas pricing policy, Australia Paper has warned its Maryvale operation could be “decimated” without intervention.

As the state’s biggest industrial user of natural gas, the company predicts it will face between $30 and 45 million in annual ...

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Chips are down for job creation

WHEN forestry workers lose their jobs it’s a crisis but when public servants lose theirs it’s an election promise. Richard Denniss asks why politicians are working harder to save some jobs than others.

AS the world coal price continues to fall, politicians are asking themselves what the Australian economy will look like by the time the downturn bottoms out.

They needn’t look far.

Tasmania offers a clear road map for what happens to an economy when the price of a significant export ...

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