Over 2000 ha set aside for owls! EEG’s 4th successful legal case

EEG’s fourth Court case challenging the government’s non-adherence to its own environment laws has been settled (17.7.15). This time it was for the owls.

Legal win for Owls over 2,000 ha set asideEEG, DELWP and VicForests have agreed that the environment department (DELWP) take action to adhere to legal obligations and increase owl protected areas as well as assess the damage done to owl habitat and study owls ...

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Endangered owls have legal win

The day after the national Threatened Species Summit ends, a Supreme Court case brought by Environment East Gippsland has reached an out of court settlement The case challenged logging in threatened owl habitat by the state government’s Environment Department and VicForests, which have now agreed to set aside over 2,000 ha.

This 10 month case sought to enforce the state government’s obligations to protect 3 threatened owl species – the Sooty, Masked and Powerful Owls.  EEG argued that the government had ...

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Suing government to save the owls

EEG is suing the state government for a fourth time. Legal papers were filed and served on Monday 22nd Sept.

Both VicForests and DEPI are being sued.

Within the 170,000 hectares of forest that the Goongerah-Deddick summer fires burnt out, were 46 protected zones set aside for threatened owls. These areas would also have supported other rare and endangered species.Victorian Government sued again

The law states that the owls (and ...

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Suing the government again – for the owls

Suing 4 Owls

Environment East Gippsland is suing the state government for a fourth time! We lodged the legal papers on Monday 22nd Sept.

The summer fires destroyed thousands of hectares of critically important habitat for East Gippsland’s threatened wildlife. This region is the stronghold for large forest owls yet DEPI refuses to urgently review the protection measures for them as they are obliged to.

In the fires 46 ...

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Rezoning owls to extinction?

Being our ‘eagles of the night’, owls are rarely seen. Our most mysterious owls are those that live in forests, and even more cryptic are those that can only thrive in old growth forests. They are becoming increasingly endangered.

Our state government is currently reviewing owl protection zones, but they are using out of date information. It looks like owls will be given just 10-20% of the minimum area they need to survive, let alone recover and thrive.

All of our large ...

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Brown Mountains wildlife – Under New Management

“Instead of sending in biologists, DSE and VicForests sent in the bulldozers”

Thanks to some dedicated work by EEG and a small team of volunteer wildlife surveyors over the 08/09 summer season, plans to quickly annihilate the rest of Brown Mountain’s old growth forests were averted.

The Forest Management Plan for East Gippsland states that, where over 10 Greater Gliders are found in a set area, 100 hectares of that forest must receive protection. MUST. This is mandatory under law. At no ...

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EEG surveys find Potoroos and save rainforest

he endangered Long-footed Potoroos have been discovered by an EEG volunteer in mixed rainforest scheduled for clearfelling in the Bonang River headwaters on the Errinundra Plateau. This should give the area short term protection.

Ben, an intrepid, winter-hardy EEG volunteer, discovered the animals during a survey of the forest islands in the clearfelled catchment in July. Survey Road was pushed in to the heart of this National Estate forest during the early 90s. It’s thick mixed rainforest and old growth were ...

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