Bigger than Brown Mountain!

Our Supreme Court case against VicForests did not settle at court-ordered mediation on 24th August. EEG and our team of excellent lawyers were planning to be back in the Melbourne Supreme Court again on October 26th to again argue the case.

BUT the Court adjourned our case due to ongoing DELWP investigations and VicForests recent disclosure of new documents. We will be heading off to the Melbourne ...

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How trees send out news bulletins

Like humans, trees warn each other of danger, look after sick family members and thrive in communities. Welcome to the real enchanted forest.

According to the dictionary definition, language is what people use when we talk to each other. Looked at this way, we are the only beings who can use language, because the concept is limited to our species. But wouldn’t it be interesting to know whether trees can also talk to each other? And how? They definitely don’t produce ...

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Burning off our biodiversity

The Clarence Environment Centre is also witnessing and questioning the arson being carried out in their local area. The immense damage being done to wildlife and ecosystems, under guise of ‘public safety’ is galling. So many of our rare and threatened wildlife are dependent on large old trees with hollows for nesting ...

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Labor’s subsidies speak louder than their strategies

Last week… Jaala Pulford threw more of our money at destroying Victoria’s biodiversity…at the same time as Lisa Neville is drafting a strategy to protect it.

$6.2M for yet more pointless and indiscriminate aerial baiting of wildlife (A Robley’s report 2011– showed it was ineffective against wild dogs). $5.3M to assist the hunting lobby. $161M to upgrade the Western Highway by cutting down thousands of very grand old Redgums – essential habitat in ...

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Large trees under threat: researchers

While much of the focus lately has been the impact humans are having on the largest, and most spectacular reef in the world, slightly inland we are hurting one of our other greatest natural beauties.

Scientists from James Cook University and the Australian National University have released a paper detailing the threat to large, old trees.

Obliteration successful at Hensleigh Creek

The old growth and rainforest of Hensleigh Creek was clearfelled by VicForests in 2015-16, then on 10th April 2016, it was finished it off with an intense burn. They call it ‘sustainable management’ … who do they think they are kidding!?!

If you want to express your horror/outrage you can contact the decision makers.

The Premier of Victoria the Hon Daniel Andrews MP –

Minister for Environment, Climate ...

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Stripping Tasmania of ancient forests and endangered species habitat fails to gain FSC for Forestry Tasmania

The Bob Brown Foundation will continue to call for secure protection for endangered species and native forests in the wake of Forestry Tasmania’s comprehensive failure to gain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

“Forestry Tasmania has failed to gain FSC certification due to their woefully destructive logging practices. These include an ongoing clearfell and burn regime for old growth forests, fundamental failure to assess and monitor rare, threatened and endangered species and inadequate protection of high conservation values. FSC found that Forestry ...

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Forestry Tasmania fails FSC

Fail on key environmental criteria for Forestry Tasmania’s FSC bid – Proposed solutions quite inadequate

Forestry Tasmania has proved completely inadequate in their FSC audit, released today, on key environmental criteria of:

rare and threatened species management – especially the Swift Parrot and Masked Owl, old growth forest logging, and identification and management of high conservation values at both the coupe level and across the landscape they control.

The solutions promoted by Forestry Tasmania to these major non-conformances are totally inadequate, and clearly have not ...

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