Secret SFRI data

NRE is currently trying to produce estimates of how much forest and log volumes are available that don’t leave everybody rolling around the floor with fits of laughter. The Statewide Forest Resource Inventory (SFRI) aims to replace the old system of estimates on “log volumes” (read “forests”).

NRE has produced quite a little PR campaign surrounding the SFRI project including CDs with detailed maps showing where they expect to find most of the trees. You could almost believe that NRE has ...

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100% partly or fully rehabilitated

For several years, NRE has been making available to the public a summary of its audit of the Code of Forest Practices (environmental guidelines to adhere to while ripping down ancient forests). NRE must hope that people will be left with the feeling that our forests are in the best possible hands – and that no one would bother to analyse their data. Ha!

The most recently released Compliance Audit was published last year and looks at a sample of 54 ...

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Dingo Creek rainforest

An inquiry is slowly cranking up into how many trees really are out there, compared to how many the government have promised. Meanwhile, important areas of acknowledged conservation value are being clearfelled to meet the demands of the logging industry.

Nationally significant.

Dingo Creek could become the next icon area to fight for. NRE knows it and wants to destroy it quickly.


The latest in this long line of contentious logging ‘mistakes’ is at Dingo Creek, which adjoins the northern end of the ...

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Latest $$$$$$$$$$$ give-ways

Gippsland’s biggest monthly welfare handouts were announced in May – and there’s no mutual obligation or eligibility tests. Another two and half million dollars goes to an already overfed few.


1) Neville Smith timber industries at Heyfield – They were the mob who pulled out of Swifts Creek a while ago (and caused a stir which forced the govt to give $1/2 million to Dormit to build a pallet making mill in Swifts creek – which it never has!). Neville ...

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Good News KLEENEX pulls out of native forest

Kimberly-Clark (50% owned by Amcor) have stated that they have ceased using native forest woodchips from Victoria’s Central Highlands in their tissues and toilet paper. This was after a three year consumer campaign by Environment Victoria.

Native forest woodchips will be substituted with plantation eucalypts from the Strzelecki Ranges and from South Australia.

Native forest fibre for Kimberly-Clark’s brands Kleenex and Wondersoft was also sourced from the Otways Ranges, until a short sharp campaign by Otways Ranges Environment Network.


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