In 2009, EEG decided to roll out the big guns and sue the government for breaking its own laws. This set a major precedent allowing environment groups to sue the government .So far we have been successful with six legal challenges and with the financial support of the public we intend to continue suing those who illegally vandalise our forests.

“These men knew exactly what they were doing”

Judge Ross on the vigilante rioters of Goolengook

In late February 2000, 50 loggers from Orbost and its regions attacked campers at the Goolengook forest protest. They assaulted nine people and did $30,000 of property damage in a terrifying midnight attack.

Ten of the loggers, who were originally charged with the serious crime of Riot went before Judge Ross in Bairnsdale Court in May, entering guilty pleas to the lesser charge of Unlawful Assembly. The plea was an admission of having assembled ...

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In a six week frenzy of destruction, during March and April, four coupes totaling 90 hectares of Goolengooks best forest were clearfelled. It is estimated to have cost the police and NRE up to $2 million to carry out the operation. The royalty gained from the destruction of these timeless forests was a piddling $100,000.

Seventy eight people were arrested during that time mostly on the very questionable charge of willful trespass. This will soon be challenged in court. Despite the ...

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HUGE price rise ­1c in 5 years for woodchip logs


For the past two years, CROEG has been working to get figures released under FOI to show what prices our forests are going for. After many refusals, delays and denials of the existance of documents, the papers were finally released in late February. As we expected – the Department of Natural Resources and Environment have been underpricing trees by selling woodchip logs for 10c a tonne royalty. This comes right on top of their admission that they ...

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Dingo Creek rainforest logging

As a result of arrests at the Dingo Creek rainforest coupe last Autumn, two protesters are challenging the charge of ‘obstructing a lawful logging operation’.

The case has been heard for two days so far and the last session is on January 18th at Bairnsdale. The public are welcome to attend. The NRE have made some startling admissions while giving prosecuting evidence, including;

that the person who planned the coupe, had no idea what the habitat requirements of the Powerful Owl, or ...

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Logging subsidies shown to be illegal

The Federal Productivity Commission recently condemned the subsidised underpricing of logs by governments as illegal and called for a complete overhaul of the system nationally. A 61 page statement from the Competition Complaints Office, entitled Competitive Neutrality in Forestry, finds that none of the country’s state forest managers operate a commercial rate of return on public forests.

One logger = 500 doles

“Almost 100 new jobs will be created in the timber (logging) industry throughout rural Victoria as a direct result of ...

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