As well as direct human impacts, Australia is seeing an increase in feral pest species that add to the pressure on our environment.

We all live downstream – it’s time to restore our freshwater ecosystems

In East Gippsland our freshwater ecosystems are threatened by clearfelling in most catchments, by industrial and agricultural pollution and excess nutrients, fire fighting chemicals broadcast over large areas, all of which end up in the Lakes system that is also threatened by deepening of the entrance at Lakes Entrance. This is changing a brackish-freshwater system to a marine system, killing of the unique suite of species that evolved in these Lakes. The ...

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Toxoplasmosis: The Truth About Cats and Germs

Most likely, this is the first stage of the diabolical plan for world-domination that we have long suspected cats are plotting. First step: human mind control.

I should start this article with a disclaimer: I am unashamedly and whole-heartedly a dog person. Being a dog person typically excludes you from also being a cat person. Imagine my delight then, when a story recently popped up across multiple online news and science sites entitled ‘Cat owners more likely to experience road rage’ (or some ...

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Labor’s subsidies speak louder than their strategies

Last week… Jaala Pulford threw more of our money at destroying Victoria’s biodiversity…at the same time as Lisa Neville is drafting a strategy to protect it.

$6.2M for yet more pointless and indiscriminate aerial baiting of wildlife (A Robley’s report 2011– showed it was ineffective against wild dogs). $5.3M to assist the hunting lobby. $161M to upgrade the Western Highway by cutting down thousands of very grand old Redgums – essential habitat in ...

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Domestic cat movements in NSW bushland to go under spotlight

There are hopes a tracking program involving up to 100 domestic cats in the New South Wales central tablelands will help protect some of the region’s native species.

The Central Tablelands Local Land Services project will kick off in March at Lithgow and will involve attaching GPS devices on cats for up to 11 days.

Spokesman Peter Evans said it would challenge a common belief by cat owners that their pets did not leave their backyards.

He said while feral cats posed ...

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Camera trap ID

For those keen fauna surveyors or even just budding naturalists, this link is excellent for trying to work out what critter you’ve seen, especially if caught on a movement sensing spy camera.

A dusky antechinus.It shows how to tell a bush rat from a swamp rat from a ...

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Feral cattle cull in Snowy River National Park

SHOOTERS will be choppered into the Snowy River National Park, in East Gippsland, to destroy feral cattle.

Parks Victoria district manager Will McCutcheon said 10 cattle remained in the park.

“Parks Victoria had recent success with helicopters used to locate the cattle and drop skilled shooters into remote, rugged sites, where access has been an issue,” he said. “With another helicopter operation we hope to remove the last of the cattle over the next few weeks.”

Gordon Moon, a farmer at Black ...

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Decline and extinction of Australian mammals

This recent scientific report (Jan 2014) shows how Australia’s land mammals have extinctions suffered an  extraordinary rate of extinction. We have lost over 10% of the 273 endemic terrestrial species over the last 200 years compared to only one native land mammal from continental North America going extinct since European settlement.

“A further 21% of Australian endemic land mammal species are now threatened, indicating that the rate of loss (of one to two extinctions per decade) is likely to continue”.

Interestingly, unlike ...

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