The logging industry and its lobbyists have been using ‘creative spin’ for years to cover up the destruction of wildlife, the cost to tax-payers, environmental damage, water loss and so on. The below are just a small sample of their many deliberately erroneous claims which are designed to confuse or placate the public. “Greenies tell lies” was their all time classic as a giant log truck sticker.

Reflex Paper – 100% hoodwink

The latest porky to come from the makers of Reflex paper, is that their product is now 100% forest sensitive, in fact it’s so eco-friendly it is bursting with endangered species.

Australia’s biggest paper company, PaperlinX in the Latrobe Valley, is congratulating itself for this bodgie eco-label given by the normally reliable Forest Stewardship Council certification scheme.

Bottom rung tick-offIn fact it has only the lesser FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ Certification for its Reflex paper. To get this tick it needs to ...

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The wheat and woodchips connection

Scruffy scruplesReaders will be aware of government and logging industry attempts to give wood products that come from destructive clearfelled areas a green tick of approval. This is to con both domestic and overseas buyers that the timber they purchase is from nicely logged forests. To achieve this, they invented the Australian Forestry Standard or AFS. The fact that this group has no conservation reps at all shows what a farce it is. What’s even more telling is the list ...

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World’s worst forestry practice’ standard

The Australian accreditation body, Standards Australia, has been asked by national environment groups to reject a loggers-own brand of ‘world’s best practice logging’ certification. They call it the Australian Forestry Standard or AFS.

The logging industry wants to formalise its destructive operations by having the label formally accepted by a standards body.

The ‘standards’ that are being submitted for approval allow clearing of native forests, including old growth and threatened species habitat. It can then all be replanted with single species plantations, ...

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VicForests aspires to shoddy eco-credentials

The latest bundle of propaganda to come from VicForests, in mid August, announced the new Sustainable Forest Management System Project for Forest Certification.  Don’t all those big words sound impressive? Sadly, its just another expensive publicity fraud.

Haven’t the Government propagandists and spin-doctors realised yet that the word Sustainable is way past its use by date; that it has become the warning flag for another destructive plan? The government has forced the term sustainable into such unworthy uses, it has butchered ...

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Claims of ‘sustainability’ UNSUSTAINABLE

In early November, the logging industry launched a new self-certified standard of logging in Australia. It claims its practices are now acceptable on a global scale.

Australian Forestry Standard

Their self-certification scheme (invented by the industry for the industry) is called the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS). An equally dubious international group called the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification has sanctioned it. However, these schemes underestimate the intelligence of retailers who will require genuine eco-credentials for the timber they are selling. ...

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Toyne, Toyne. Toyne again

Another ex-ACF President, Philip Toyne, has moved on from being a consultant to the industry to becoming a board member of Australia’s second-largest sawmilling and plantation company.

Toyne’s past employer, Neville Smiths Timber at Heyfield in Gippsland, paid him for two years to sell their native forest wood as eco-friendly and convince government officials with helicopter joy rides that all was hunky dory down below. NST has now been merged with Integrated Tree Cropping (ITC), a large plantation company based in ...

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Logging Industry desperate for a hand

Neville Smith Timber Industry or NSTI, is a name we should all take note of. It’s based in Heyfield, Central Gippsland and is painting itself as ‘forest friendly’.

NSTI are involved in:

    Ads depicting beautiful forests, furniture and musical instruments, implying native forests don’t suffer a broken twig in their making.     Investment in Tasmania where they could soon be part of plans to burn forests for power, or/and export woodchipping.     Sponsoring Environment Day Awards.     Setting up stalls at sustainability fairs.

Asking green ...

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Ministers launch rubber stamp – “Australian Forestry Standard”

State and commonwealth ministers were lured in to launch a new “Australian Forestry Standard” (AFS) rubber stamp last October. The stamp certifies plundered native forest products. The tick of approval tries to reassure buyers that their timber is environmentally ticketty – boo.

No logging operation anywhere will have to change its plunderous ways to get this tick either. It will approve logging old growth forests and rainforests, endangered species habitat, logging that causes soil erosion, stream turbidity and weed invasion.

Hopefully concerned ...

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