Forests are the largest land based carbon capture and storage devices the planet has, yet are being destroyed globally at an alarming rate. Forests are a major climate moderation solution. All logging of native forests should cease and forest restoration must be a high priority to begin drawing down the hundreds of hears of carbon which is lost when a forest is clearfelled and burnt.

Vegetation creates rain – true fact

Just because it’s been done before, doesn’t mean it should be done again. 

European colonisation brought logging into the Bellingen Shire and throughout Australia. It was the keystone for large-scale development providing both housing and an agricultural base.

But more than 200 years later, a comprehensive review of 150 scientific papers on land-clearing and rainfall, conducted by Dailan Pugh of the North East Forest Alliance, concludes deforestation has wreaked havoc on the country’s climate.

In short: vegetation creates precipitation and Clearing Our Rainfall Away summarises the evidence of ...

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Clearing Our Rainfall Away

Vegetation creates rain. That’s one of the conclusions of a comprehensive review of more than 150 scientific papers on land-clearing and rainfall, conducted by Dailan Pugh of the North East Forest Alliance. Clearing Our Rainfall Away, released today, summarises the evidence of how land-clearing affects rainfall, and the impacts that land-clearing has had on Australia’s climate.


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Climate change whacks a worthy target – the CHIPMILL

Mother Nature dealt a 17m ‘Monster wave’ to the Eden woodchip mill’s loading facilities and jetty on 5th June. The east coast low that delivered this hit could be defined as an ‘Act of God’ meaning there might be no insurance payout.  Two massive chunks were taken out of the jetty, the pylons gone and the conveyor belt damaged. It might take 6-12 months to be rebuild ...

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Petition for Ambition: Victoria’s Renewable Energy Targets

The release of the Andrews government’s Renewable Energy Action Plan is imminent. It will set Victorian Renewable Energy Targets for 2020 and 2025. 

Please add your voice to the call for the Andrews government to set ambitious targets that match those of other states and territories. Sign the Petition

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Managing Forests for Water in the Anthropocene—The Best Kept Secret Services of Forest Ecosystems

Water and forests are inextricably linked. Pressures on forests from population growth and climate change are increasing risks to forests and their aquatic ecosystem services (AES). There is a need to incorporate AES in forest management but there is considerable uncertainty about how to do so. Approaches that manage forest ecosystem services such as fiber, water and carbon sequestration independently ignore the inherent complexities of ecosystem services and their responses to management actions, with the potential for unintended consequences that ...

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Secondary forests offer big opportunity to fight global warming

New research shows that some regenerating forests might have an even higher rate of carbon uptake than previously thought, which can help identify the most important conservation priorities.
Over half of the world’s tropical forests are not old-growth but naturally regenerating forests, and a large part of that is secondary forest. An international team analyzed the recovery of above-ground biomass in 1,500 forest plots at 45 sites across Latin America and found that carbon uptake is surprisingly fast in these young, ...

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