The threatened Quoll and other native animals are likely to be killed off by government use of 1080 against foxes and dogs, especially when aerially broadcast from the air.

1080 alternative

There’s good news on the 1080 controversy. A more humane alternative to the poison is being trialled by the Australasian Invasive Animals Co-operative Research Centre.

The new poison, called PAPP (para aminopropiophenone), renders animals unconscious within 30 minutes and dead within two hours. If animals must be poisoned, at least they won’t suffer for hours.

Research is showing that a lethal dose for a rat and a bird is 30 times that needed to kill a cat. Trials are also showing native ...

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Experimental Quoll killing

After the success of Japans scientific whaling, WAs scientific ringtail possum logging (see p.6) and Victorias scientific potoroo logging, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is planning to drop poison baits in the Byadbo and Pilot Wilderness Areas in the Kosciuszko National Park to see if it kills the known Quoll colony there, while targeting wild dogs.

Aerial baiting has previously been proved by scientists to kill or reduce colonies of the endangered Spot-tailed Quolls. But they just want to check ...

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