Sustainable use of paper

Paper use is one of the biggest drivers behind deforestation worldwide.

Please, where possible, use less paper!

Set targets for minimising paper usage in your office and set printers and photocopiers to double sided copying.

By reducing your paper usage, you will help to contribute to the protection of precious forests and water catchments and to the habitat of rare and endangered species.

Using less paper not only saves forests, it saves water and electricity, reduces landfill, reduces greenhouse pollution and saves you money.

Second to reducing overall paper use, buying 100% recycled post-consumer waste paper is the best way to minimise the impacts of your paper consumption.
Recycled paper requires approximately 90 per cent less energy to manufacture than paper made from trees.

On average, each tonne of paper removed from commercial correspondence saves:
* 18 trees
* 67,500 litres of water
* 9,500 kWh of power
* 3,300 kg of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent or CO2e)


AFS envelopes

Don’t be conned!

These envelopes should be avoided as they just provide free promotion for the farce that is the Australian Foresty Standard, or now named Responsible Wood with PEFC certification.

AFS and Responsible Wood is the loggers-own ‘green tick’ they developed to cover their ‘business as usual’ forest destruction.

But retailers and the concerned public are seeing through the greenwash.

VicForests was claiming it planed to gain the higher standard FSC certification label. But its attempts failed four times due to shocking logging practices.

Reflex Paper was Australia’s most popular office paper. It was made from the beautiful tall Mountain Ash trees of the Central Highlands and it once held the monopoly. It was responsible for the death of Leadbeaters possum, Sugar Gliders, Yellow-bellied gliders, owl nestlings, bandicoots and others, as well as thousands of hectares of their once lush habitat.

Australian Paper, which made Reflex paper, and now renamed Opal, decided to end its copy paper arm and concentrate on plantation only packaging products in 2022. This was after EEG – along with our Central Highlands sister group KFF, won a Supreme Court case against the government logger, VicForests, for breaching environmental laws.

There are now a number of high quality recycled office papers available in Australia, competitively priced and widely available through many suppliers.

  • Ecocern Brown
    100% post consumer recycled copy paper.
    Australian made, unbleached (brown).
    Not guaranteed for printing but generally OK.
    Also available in 320gsm packs of 200 x A4, A3
    A4 105gsm A3 105gsm.
    Ecocern also sell envelopes, paper bags, CD sleeves, packaging products, art pads and folders.
    Visit the Ecocern website for more info or to shop online.
  • J.Burrows 100% Recycled Carbon Neutral A4 Paper
    100% post-consumer recycled
    A4 80gsm
  • Fuji Xerox Green Wrap Pure 100 Carbon Neutral 100 Percent Recycled
    100% recycled post-consumer waste
    Photocopy white, A4, A3
    Other colours available
    PCF – process chlorine free bleaching
    Manufactured Carbon Neutral
    Blue Angel Accredited
  • OfficeMax 100% Recycled White
    100% post-consumer recycled
    Elemental Chlorine Free
    Manufactured Carbon Neutral
    A4 80gsm
  • Cannon Oce Recycled Zero
    100% post consumer recycled
    Processed Chlorine Free
    Manufactured Carbon Neutral
    FSC certified, A4 80gsm
  • Canon 100% Recycled
    100% post-consumer recycled
    Elemental Chlorine Free
    A4 80gsm
  • Evolve Everyday
    100% recycled paper, high post-consumer content
    Oxygen bleached. Made in France.
    Brightness CIE 150; archival quality suitable for all office machinery.
    A4 80gsm A3 80gsm.
  • Evolve Business
    100% post-consumer recycled paper
    Oxygen bleached.
    A4 100gsm
  • Steinbeis Evolution White
    100% post consumer recycled paper
    Made in Germany. Greenpeace Germany endorsed; Blue Angel and Nordic Swan certified papers.
    A4 80gsm
  • Steinbeis Vision Colours
    100% recycled paper.
    Benign dyes in 9 colours – moss green, aqua blue, canary yellow, red, orange, pastels – salmon, pink, blue, green, yellow.
    A4 80gsm
  • Canefields
    80% bagasse (sugar cane waste) 20% plantation,
    minimal chlorine bleaching. Made in India.
    A4 80gsm
  • Canon Colours
    Plantation timber,
    100% totally chlorine free, uses food colouring only, no biocides.
    Aqua blue, blue, lavender, grey, dark green, sand, lime green, yellow, green, sun yellow, coral, pink, orange.
    A3 Available in: blue, sand, yellow, green & pink
    A4 80gsm A3 80gsm
  • Canon Colours (Optix Card)
    Plantation timber,
    100% totally chlorine free, uses food colouring only, no biocides.
    Available in: canary yellow, robin red, puffin blue and parakeet green, pink.
    A4 140gsm
  • Canon Parchment
    Plantation timber,
    100% totally chlorine free, uses food colouring only, no biocides.
    Available in: white, blue, natural, green, grey & lavender.
    A4 80gsm A3 80gsm

Or check out the Ethical Paper guide for the best paper choices. Don’t use the WWF Guide to Buying Ethical Paper. It’s sponsored by Ikea and McDonalds.