Our Wish List

Here’s a request for spare equipment or cash or people with skills and time out there. We love recycling here at EEG so see what you might be able to help us out with …

  • a UHF radio
  • art designers
  • one-sided used A4 paper
  • 6v gel cell batteries for remote cameras
  • good photos wildlife and/or landscape
  • farm-minder/s and farm-hand/s
  • the odd pot of hearty soup for when work-overload happens
  • phone headset for having two hands free to type
  • people to do regular office work – at home.
  • media monitor/s – for newspapers and radio – who can quickly get the info to HQ.
  • letter writers
  • people available to help with events and actions in the city
  • movement sensing cameras for survey work
  • … chocolate! (just joking)

If you can help, please email Jill at EEG on eeg@nulleastgippsland.net.au