The logging, woodchipping and energy industries are poised to unleash plans to use native forests to produce electricity, and to convert forests into liquid bio-fuels. 

Biomass won’t just use small quantities of sawmill waste or leftovers – it will be like woodchipping which has driven decades of forest destruction.

Using native forests as biomass to generate bioenergy and bio-fuels is simply a new industrial use of native forests. It will replace or supplement the export woodchip trade. It will rely on taxpayer subsidies. Overseas, air pollution from forest furnaces affects the health of nearby communities. It’s imperative that governments and energy companies – current and future – don’t support bioenergy from native forests.

Trashing forests for bioenergy is a climate calamity and a threat to genuine clean energy alternatives.

Burning native forest wood for electricity destroys native forests and their web of life but doesn’t help the climate. The best way to tackle climate change in this critical decade is by reducing our energy use and using true renewable sources like solar, wind and geothermal power.

It is important to let potential retailers of native forest bio-energy know now that the community does not want this dirty, environmentally obnoxious power. Add your voice >here.

For more information please go to our website burning forests for electricity pages or visit biomassacre.com

Currently only Powershop has committed to not sell any power derived from burning native forest wood. Powershop has been one of the most vocal advocates of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target and one of the few companies to call for the target to be more ambitious.

For more information about Australian electricity retailers visit http://www.greenelectricityguide.com.au/