Retaining forests is cost-effective for reducing carbon emissions

Deforestation in the tropics causes about one quarter of anthropogenic carbon emissions globally. Now, an international team of economists has demonstrated that leaving the trees standing is a very cost-effective way to reduce global carbon emissions.

While afforestation – planting trees – is allowed under the Kyoto Protocol as a way for developed nations to offset their carbon emissions, avoiding deforestation, i.e. leaving the trees standing, is not. Conservationists argue that it should be, pointing out that retaining existing forest has ...

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Logging and the Thomson Water Catchment

The Thomson Reservoir is situated along the eastern escarpments of Mount Baw Baw and carries approximately 60 percent of Melbourne’s water storage capacity. It is surrounded by 48,700 hectares of forested catchment that includes the northern and eastern slopes of Mount Baw Baw, the southern slopes of Mount Matlock on the Great Dividing Range and the western slopes of the Aberfeldy Range. The Thomson is the largest of four major water supply catchments for Melbourneand is located within the Central ...

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