So what are woodchips?

Woodchips are the result of sending tree trunks up a conveyor belt into a gigantic shredder (that takes only 7 seconds to devour an entire log). Trees are quickly transformed into chips half the size of a matchbox, and are what is used to make paper for products like throw away drink cups in Japan or Reflex paper here in Oz. 

Woodchips, pulp and sawdust accounts for at least 91% of all products to come from our native forests. Yet we are told by VicForests that classic porkie that logging is all for the sawn timber for nice tables and chairs and the woodchips are just the waste. Sure. They say what a shame it is to leave it all laying on the ground. Well, if they hadn’t cut all those trees down to start with there’d have been no waste to have to ‘clean up’.

To add to this crime, the government have sold these logs for between 9c and $5 a tonne. If you or I wanted to go cut a trailer load of firewood for ourselves, they’d charge us $20! It seems that the Japanese buyers have an especially cosy deal. Nippon owns both the Reflex paper factory in the Latrobe Valley and the Eden export woodchip mill. Both have been responsible for systematically annihilating the Central Highland’s Mountain Ash forests and East Gippsland’s mixed forests for years.

Export woodchip pile at bursting point

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Eden NSW Chipmill pile from the water

The woodchip piles are just about at capacity at Eden. If the chipmill doesn't sell some woodchips soon they will have to stop chipping (and hopefully logging!)


Logging - a WASTE of forests

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Australia Institute has released a brilliant new infographic on what ends up as waste and woodchips from a Tassie forest. It'd be similar here. Shame it only counts trees, and not the entire make-up of a forest though. Trees can be 50% of a forest's biomass - so the sums on what's wasted and burnt would be much worse.

Logging waste infographic

Chipmill pellet plant scrapped

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Great news! The Eden chipmill has scrapped their plans to turn forests into pellets to fire up electricity furnaces (to run the world's TVs and air conditioners).

wood pellets

The Eden export woodchip mill plan to convert our forests into fuel to burn for electricity has failed. Likewise its wind farm project and the pellet plant to process forests into tiny pellets to export elsewhere to burn, has been declared a big white elephant. Just before these all failed the Victorian Association of Forest Industries awarded the Eden woodchip mill a prize for its ‘environmental initiatives’.

VicForests - Government protected welfare cheats.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

OK - it goes like this - VicForests haven’t made a cracker since they started operations in 2004. In 2008 they put $127 million through their books and the expenses were $132 million = $5M loss. But they were given a $5.7M handout to cut down ash forests in the fire areas (not all this ash was burnt from several accounts). So they claimed they made a half million profit.

Eden woodchip mill - no more life support!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Now that the Eden woodchip mill is closer to going under, the NSW government is looking to the Gillard government to rescue it. Yep – the O’Farrell conservative government that sacked 300 Department of Primary Industry staff last week and hundreds of Education Dept staff (with more TAFE positions to go) is saying it will be the end of the world if the chipmill’s 42 staff lose their jobs.