One of the most common breaches of the law and codes is destruction of protected rainforest.

The foresters and contractors love knocking it out where they can. Despite a simpleton's guide to identifying rainforest, the trained tree counters still can’t manage to do it, even with a picture book of plants to refer to.

It has been VicForests most consistent serious breach in every logging audit since they began in 2004.

Bracks government has allowed illegal logging for years

Saturday, April 2, 2005

A Supreme Court judge has ruled that the Bracks government's environmental code for logging native forests (Code of Forest Practices) is enforceable under law.

Prior to this ruling, DSE argued that the only lawful requirements were that the coupe be in a logging zone and that the loggers have a licence to log. The ruling is no 'get out of jail free' card for future protestors as the Bracks Government has introduced new 'Public Safety Zones' which makes being in areas to be logged a crime regardless of whether the logging is illegal.

DSE logging plans still in disarray

Saturday, May 1, 2004

Despite last year's 43% cutbacks, there was still a serious overcutting by the industry - with the full approval of DSE foresters. This year is supposed to see a reduction to make up for it. However, this year's draft logging plan (called Wood Utilisation Plans or WUPs) has shown again how slap dash the whole planning system is.

Still overcutting

Visitors want to see forests - not log trucks - Newspoll survey

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

A Newspoll survey has shown that forest logging is not only turning tourists away but destroying the very thing most people holidaying in East Gippsland would want to experience - old growth forests and rainforests.

Results from a Newspoll survey in late August show that the forests of East Gippsland are potentially as important in attracting visitors to this region as its coast. Of Victorian's polled, 86% said that East Gippsland's old growth and rainforests would be appealing to visit.

Dingo Creek rainforest logging

Thursday, January 10, 2002

As a result of arrests at the Dingo Creek rainforest coupe last Autumn, two protesters are challenging the charge of 'obstructing a lawful logging operation'.

The case has been heard for two days so far and the last session is on January 18th at Bairnsdale. The public are welcome to attend. The NRE have made some startling admissions while giving prosecuting evidence, including;

Dingo Creek rainforest

Monday, July 2, 2001

An inquiry is slowly cranking up into how many trees really are out there, compared to how many the government have promised. Meanwhile, important areas of acknowledged conservation value are being clearfelled to meet the demands of the logging industry.

Nationally significant.

Dingo Creek could become the next icon area to fight for. NRE knows it and wants to destroy it quickly.